BEAVERS. Patagonia Invaders




BEAVERS: PATAGONIA INVADERS is a grant winner documentary about one of the most foolish humans attempts at changing environment for their own advantage. In 1940 twenty Canadian beavers were brought to the island of Tierra del Fuego in southern Patagonia for commercial fur production. However beavers, having no natural predators in their new environment, quickly spread throughout the island and to other islands in the region, reaching a number of 150,000 individuals, causing massive destruction of trees and local species environment, threatening the entire Patagonian forest and rivers.

Why wildlife conservationist are convinced that 150.000 beavers must be killed immediately?

And why some of the most recognized beaver specialists are convinced that the eradication is not possible and will fight tooth and nails to stop the killing?

Everyone agrees that invasive species represent the second leading cause of species extinction and loss of biodiversity worldwide. They damage the lands and waters that native plants and animals need to survive. They hurt economies and threaten human well-being. But once the alien specie is settled, eradication is not always possible.


Meanwhile in Tierra del Fuego, tourism is capitalizing on the situation: every day a man dressed as a beaver passes out flyers promoting the “CERRO CASTOR” (BEAVER HILL), a sky resorts in Tierra del Fuego,. Hunters claim for subsidies, scientists continue their research, rangers do what they can and restaurants tray to offer beaver meat.


BEAVERS: PATAGONIA INVADERS is the story about a hidden problem whose root is ignorance.




Directors: Pablo Chehebar & Nicolas Iacouzzi

Script:  Pablo Chehebar & Nicolas Iacouzzi

Executive Producers: Marcos Barboza / Rocio Furmento

Dop:  Alan Badan

Edition:  Pablo Chehebar & Nicolas Iacouzi

Sound Design: Diego Colombo

Prod Manager: Juan "Elvis" Pereyra

Animations: Julian Fumagalli / Sloop Animation

Aditional Animations: Pablo Chehebar & Esteban De Bonis

Color correction  Esteban De Bonis


Beaver Dam, in Tierra del Fuego Argentina
Beaver, swiming in Tierra del Fuego pond
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