El Crazy Che







October 8th  of 1994, an Argentinean identified as GUILLERMO GAEDE is captured in the Ezeiza  forest´s at midnight burying three bulks. While examining the content, cops are forced to call for action to  the SIDE (argentinean intelligence department): there are cassettes with wiretaps, diskettes microfilm, passports and more than two hundred photos that compromise the FBI, the CIA and INTEL, a leading American company. The story is filtered in local newspapers with headlines like "EZEIZA, DOUBLE SPY KEY", “THIEEF ENGINEER", "THE SIDE RETAINS THE SPY" or “STOLE CHIPS FOR THE LOVE OF COMMUNISM".


Bill Gaede is an engineer, physicist, developer, and Argentine Cold War spy who worked for American companies: Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Intel Corporation (Intel). While at AMD, he gave technical information of the semiconductor industry to the Government of Cuba, whom then passed to the Soviet Union. Disappointed by communism, Gaede turned himself in to the CIA who led him to the FBI. The FBI began using a Gaede in a counter-espionage operation in order to penetrate Cuban intelligence using his contacts on the island. During this phase the security of Intel discovered the nature of the activities of Gaede in AMD and was dismissed from his job, but by then Gaede had already filmed the process of Pentium chip construction through a terminal installed in his home. Gaede fled with this technology to Argentina where he allegedly sold the information.



"Nationalism is a disease that is cured traveling. I am a man without a country”, repeated whoever wants to listen from his exile”.




Director: Nicolas Iacouzzi & Pablo Chehebar

Script: Nicolas Iacouzzi & Pablo Chehebar

Exetuvive Producers: Marcos Barboza / Rocio Furmento

DoP:  Alan Badan

Edition:  Nicolas Iacouzzi & Pablo Chehebar

Sound Desing: Diego Colombo

Production Manager: Juan "Elvis" Pereyra

Drawings: Sloop Animation

Music : Tomas Leonhardt

Color correction:  Esteban Debonis

Laureles BAFICI
Laureles premio DAC, mejor director
Laureles, DOC BUENOS AIRES, seleccion oficial, ventana sur
Laureles Ecuador TV, 2014, mejor documental
Laureles FECILBBA, seleccion oficial Laureles Fidba 2016. seleccion oficial Laureles DOCMX film EL CRAZY CHE